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The Halftime-Fulltime Sports Betting Strategy

There are countless sports betting strategies available that bettors can read about online. One of the more intriguing strategies that have been talked about a lot of late is the halftime/fulltime approach to betting on a game. The key concept behind this strategy is that you can place a bet on the fulltime result before the game and then adjust halfway through the game with a halftime bet. The point of this strategy is to find the perfect balance in order to try to make two bets that could potentially pay out a substantial amount of money. Here is a look at the halftime/fulltime sports betting strategy.

The Concept

Most sportsbooks offer live in-game betting including lines posted at the half. The basic strategy behind the halftime/fulltime strategy is to find the perfect balance on the lines to exploit these options. Let’s use a football game between the New England Patriots and New York Jets as an example. The Patriots are favored by seven points as the visiting team in this matchup. Since we know seven is a key number and that New York is at home in a divisional game we might want to entertain the idea that the Jets can keep this game close. Therefore, we place a fulltime bet that New York will cover the seven points as an underdog. Once the game begins we can keep track of how it is going. The worse case scenario is if the Jets fall behind big time in the early going. If this happens then we have the option of doubling down on New York at halftime with an even bigger number to cover or we can cut our losses. However, if the Jets keep it close or take the lead then we might have a better option. The best case scenario is that New York goes up by a touchdown in the first half. At this point, the line for the Patriots could come down to New England by three or even better New England just to win straight up. In this situation, we will want to lock in a halftime bet that covers any potential losses but still gives us a chance to win two wagers. The best case scenario is that we get the Patriots at -0.5 and still have the Jets at +7 from our initial bet. In this situation, if New England wins but New York covers the touchdown we win two bets. If one team wins big then we cover our losses with the second bet. It’s the perfect situation where we can’t lose any money but stand to win big.


The halftime/fulltime approach is extremely unique in that we are able to focus on the best possible lines from start to finish. If you find a strong value bet before the game begins then you can adjust as it goes along. At the same time, you can wait and pick your spots if you feel like the best value will be available with the halftime odds after you have watched how the game has unfolded up until that point. The halftime/fulltime betting strategy is another excellent tool that you will want to include in your sports betting arsenal. It could really help you boost your bottom line when it comes to making some serious profits moving forward.

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