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The Key Factors To Consider When Betting On A Cricket Match

Cricket has long been an extremely popular sport in Europe and in the Middle East. Now the sport is gaining more traction in North America where more and more fans are following the game. There has been a spike in the number of people betting on the sport as well. There are plenty of different elements that factor in to the outcome of a cricket match. We took the time to break down some of those elements you might want to consider before betting on the sport. Here is a look at the key factors to consider when betting on a cricket match.

Host Nation & Venue

One of the most important things to remember about cricket is that the conditions can really vary depending on where the match is being played. That is why it is so important to take the host nation and venue in to account when betting on the sport. Hosting teams have the advantage for a number of reasons. First, they have the home fans on their side. Second, they have a firm understanding of the playing conditions and how to use them to their advantage. It’s no secret that pitches on the fields of places like India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh favor the spinners. Fast bowlers tend to struggle there due to the intensely dry conditions and flat pitches. Meanwhile, the playing conditions in South Africa, Australia and England are very different to what exists in those other countries. It might seem like it’s not a major factor but the host nation and venue does factor heavily in to cricket outcomes.

Recent Form

Recent form is a little bit more obvious of a factor in cricket matches. There are a number of top cricket sites that can provide this information including most notably the ICC platform that shows team and individual rankings. The ICC rankings are a very good indication of the overall form of a team heading in to a series. Make sure you look at the numbers and figure out which team has the edge based on their current form heading in to a match.

Weather Conditions

Another important influence to consider is the weather conditions during a match, especially the five-day format. In wet conditions, the bowlers will have more control on the outcome of the match. Batting becomes more difficult as the ball will move around more. These conditions will always hand the initiative to the bowling team. Bowlers have the ability to take advantage of weather conditions and can dictate the play of the match.

Coin Toss

One final element to consider is the coin toss. While it might not seem like a big deal, the team that wins the coin toss will be in a favorable position to set the early tone in a match. Having the choice to bat or bowl first could be even more important based on the weather conditions and the state of the pitch. The coin toss might not weight as heavily in to the outcome as some of the other factors listed here. However, it should still be taken in to account when evaluating the potential outcomes of a cricket match.

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