Sports Betting Strategy

The Keys To Winning More Sports Bets

When betting on MLB parlays, the fear of losing a parlay by a single game is absolutely heart wrenching. However, this is to be expected if an individual bets on parlays on a consistent basis. At the end of the day, the higher the risk, the higher the reward. As a result, since parlays are much more difficult to win that single-game wagers, it only makes sense that the additional risk is compensated for with a higher payout, should the parlay bet win. While betting on parlays may seem like a pick-as-you-choose type of bet, there are actually strategies that have been proven to work. Here are four parlay strategies to help you win more bets.

Parlaying Heavy Favourites

Heavy favourites are priced this way for a reason – they are more likely to win than not. Parlaying heavy favourites onto one bet card is the most popular strategy when it comes to baseball. Especially when a team’s ace is up against a mediocre pitcher from the opposing team, parlaying two or three matchups this way may turn out to be a good move. This is due to the fact that the team may play with more effort since their ace is on the mound, feeling the need to win every one of his games since the team knows that their ace will bring it during every start. In these types of matchups, the final score will often be lopsided for the superior pitcher’s team and as a result, may be a good idea to parlay these heavy favourites.

Parlaying Two or Three Best Teams For The Final Three Months

For the individual who likes to keep things simple, this strategy might be just the one for you, and is the one that has been known to make profits over the years. This is how it works: When the MLB regular season winds down to the remaining three months, take a look at the standings and identify the top two or three teams. With these two or three teams in mind, you would then blindly parlay them for the rest of the season. However, if this parlay strategies starts off on a bad note, you must be willing to stick to your guns, since this strategy is more catered towards the long-run compared to the short-run.

Picking A Team To Win The Game And The Over/Under Game Totals

Normally, when someone holds a strong opinion on which team will win a game, it is also likely that the individual has done enough analysis and research to also have an idea of whether the game totals will go over or under. As a result, combining the moneyline and game totals onto a parlay may be a sound strategy. It is also common for bettors who like the road team to win to also take the over on game totals since this ensures that the home team will definitely be betting in the bottom of the ninth inning (if the road team is indeed winning), allowing for the opportunity to tack on more runs. On the flipside, for bettors who like the home team to win, they will also be more likely to take the under due to the fact that if the road team fails to score in the top of the ninth, the home team will not have a chance to bat in the bottom of the ninth, saving the bettor from possible extra runs being scored.

Place Leverage On A Heavy Favourite

This strategy involves identifying a heavy favourite who you believe will win as well as a slight underdog who you believe has a good chance of winning. By combining these two teams onto a parlay bet, you are essentially saying that for you to win the bet, the underdog must win the game since you strongly believe that the heavy favourite will win. With the underdog (in your opinion), having at least a 50/50 chance or higher, the pricing of the team as underdogs is clearly off.

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