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The Lucky 15 Sports Betting System

The Lucky 15 bet has become a more popular strategy in recent years. In general, the Lucky 15 bet belongs to the group of system bets. For a Lucky 15 bet, you have to find four games you want to bet on. With those four games, you have to build 15 different bets. That list includes four single bets, six doubles, four trebles and one quadruple bet. In total, you will have 15 different bets. Here is a closer look at the Lucky 15 sports betting system and how it works.

The Lucky 15 Bets

Based on the criteria for the Lucky 15 bets, here is a look at what your wagers will look like based on having four teams and 15 different bets.

4 single bets
Bet 1: Team A
Bet 2: Team B
Bet 3: Team C
Bet 4: Team D

6 double bets
Bet 5: Team A & Team B
Bet 6: Team A & Team C
Bet 7: Team A & Team D
Bet 8: Team B & Team C
Bet 9: Team B & Team D
Bet 10: Team C & Team D

4 trebles
Bet 11: Team A & Team B & Team C
Bet 12: Team A & Team B & Team D
Bet 13: Team A & Team C & Team D
Bet 14: Team B & Team C & Team D

1 quadruple
Bet 15: Team A & Team B & Team C & Team D

The only difference between a Luck 15 bet and a Yankee bet is that the four single bets are added. In total, you bet 15 bets with any stake although it makes the most sense to bet the same stage for each one. If you win all 15 bets you will win some serious coin. However, if only one of your team wins you will only win one bet. The more teams win the more you have the chance to make. This is an intriguing approach towards committing four teams for the chance to win some serious money.

The Numbers

In order to make some serious money using this strategy you must be able to pick winners. The value of the bets doesn’t really matter if you are playing the point spread but it would come in to play on money line wagers. Many bookies offer a special bonus or double the odds for a single game if you try this type of wager. Shop around for the best sportsbook to use when it comes to building up the potential profit you can make using this type of wager.


The Lucky 15 bet isn’t for everybody but those looking to take a chance with something new might be interested in this approach. The more teams you use the higher your risk, but also the higher your potential profit margin will climb. The best part about the Lucky 15 bet is that it allows you to focus on four key matchups and then maximize your winnings by using them in different combinations.

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