Sports Betting Strategy

The Most Common Sports Betting Mistake

When you get into online sports betting, there is a lot to learn right off the bat. One of the ways that you can learn the best is by realizing what mistakes you can make, and how to learn your lessons from it.

Changing Your Betting Size

Some players will change how much they bet, especially when they get on a losing streak as they try to recoup some of their lost funds. This is a huge mistake because that’s how you get into an even bigger hole. Stick with the original amount you want to bet and things will turn around. If you’re on a losing streak, you’re just going to lose more money and that is absolutely what you’re trying to stay away from.

Making Too Many Bets

Some players will simply increase the volume of their bets, which again, can put you in an even bigger hole than you were before. Whether it is making more accounts at different online sports betting sites, or making more bets on one site, this is called chasing bad bets and it’s as bad as it sounds. Stick with betting your normal amount of bets, or maybe scale it back a little until you get your feel back for the game.

Look Around For The Best Lines

While you were just told not to make new sports betting accounts to wager on more games, you should shop around for the books with the best lines before you even get into the game and when you find what you feel is the best one, delete your other accounts. Do your research to figure out where the best lines come from, why they move, when they’ll move and other factors that go into researching a top-quality sportsbook. If you can find good lines, you can maximize your value and that is what your #1 priority should be.

Don’t Overreact

Don’t put too much stock into losing skids and hot streaks. The game of online sports betting is an unpredictable one, and you can go from winning 18 in a row to losing 12 straight in no time flat, before you even know it. Keep a level head and don’t overreact to winning or losing too much; just keep doing what you’re doing and things should balance out eventually..

Don’t Be Afraid To Go Against The Grain

Betting on the public is something that the real sharp bettors know something about. Basically, favorites are going to get a lot of the money from the general public who think that the linesmakers know better, and they’re right some of the time. But linesmakers will also change the odds to even the money come in on one side to make them more equal, so keep that in mind. Underdogs might not be as big of an underdog as the odds seem and if you hunt out the early lines, you can find a lot of value in wagering on them.

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