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The Sweetheart Teaser Strategy And Why It Can Be So Effective

Every sports betting fan is looking to gain an edge when it comes to making a significant profit by betting on sports. While there are countless strategies and systems out there, one successful strategy that has become that much more popular over the years is the Sweetheart Teaser strategy. Here is a look at the Sweetheart Teaser strategy and why it makes sense to take advantage of it in order to make a profit.

What Is A Sweetheart Teaser

A Sweetheart Teaser is a 10-point, three-team NFL teaser in which you are generally able to bet with somewhere between a -110 to -130 juice pricing. For example, let’s say you like three teams to cover against the spread. Those three teams are the New England Patriots at -2.5 over the Buffalo Bills, the Denver Broncos at -2.5 over the Kansas City Chiefs and the Carolina Panthers at -6.5 over the New Orleans Saints. If you take those three teams in a Sweetheart Teaser, you will get 10 points and a -130 price tag. This means that you will have to risk $130 in order to win $100. It also means that you will get New England at +7.5 instead of -2.5, Denver at +7.5 instead of -2.5 and Carolina at +3.5 instead of -6.5. Considering you already loved those teams at the initial odds they were available at it really does make a lot of sense to take the extra insurance and bet the three-team parlay while getting an extra cushion while also getting excellent odds.

How To Take Advantage

There are a number of sites that offer the three-team, 10-point teasers but there are some sites that will offer even better juice or more points on their lines. For example, Bovada allows bettors to take three teams with 10-point teasers at just a -110 number. Meanwhile, Sports Interaction allows players to take 13-point teasers for a -140 price tag. While it might seem like a lot to risk at first glance with the juice set at -140, the fact that you are getting 13 points on a line that you already love means it makes a lot of sense to buy in and trust this tool.


There are some that feel that it doesn’t make nearly as much sense to bet parlays as it does individual money line bets. There are also those that feel teaser bets could be rip offs since you have to risk that much more money in order to get the extra points. However, when you consider that you are getting 10 or 13 points on a spread it is hard to argue against the advantage that you will receive by betting the Sweetheart Teaser. If you constantly find yourself hitting on three of four or five of six on your parlay tickets, try narrowing down your selections to your best three teams and taking advantage of the 10-point buffer to give yourself a little bit of a cushion. The Sweetheart Teaser bet isn’t for everybody but it is a very useful tool for those that want to improve their chances of winning on a more consistent basis.

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