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The Zig-Zag Theory And How It Can Work For You

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Every sports bettor is looking for a strategy or system to gain an edge when it comes to making a profit. The Zig-Zag theory is a betting system that can provide them with exactly that. The Zig-Zag theory is a betting system that applies to the NHL and NBA in best-of-seven playoff series formats that use the 2-2-1-1-1 format. Here is a look at the Zig-Zag theory and how it can work for you.

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The Theory

The Zig-Zag theory is named after the propensity for momentum shifting between the home and road teams based on how each team performed in the previous game. The basic concept is that each game in a playoff series is affected by the result of the game that preceded it. It’s also important to keep in mind the strength of a team since a team with a decided advantage over the other could very well be in line to sweep the series.

NBA Zig-Zag Theory

The home court advantage in basketball is a little more valuable than in the NHL. This means that a road team that loses Game 1 is likely not going to bounce back in the second game. However, if they do fall behind 0-2 in the series headed home for Game 3, then there is a good chance they will respond with a win as long as they have the talent to actually compete with their opponent. If the road team wins Game 1, typically in an upset as an underdog, the home favorite is very likely to bounce back and win the next game. According to the numbers, the home team that loses Game 1 of an NBA playoff series under the current format has historically bounced back to win Game 2 around 75% of the time. However, when the higher seeded teams opens the series with two wins at home and must go on the road then this is the perfect spot to bet against the lower-seeded team.

NHL Zig-Zag Theory

Home ice advantage isn’t as important in the NHL as it is in the NBA, but it still holds weight. If the home team wins Game 1, the lower seeded road team is more likely to win Game 2 on the road than an NBA team would be, but that doesn’t mean it will happen. However, the majority of teams that go down 0-2 on the road will have a very good shot at bouncing back at home in Game 3 at home. It doesn’t make sense to place a wager based solely on the Zig-Zag theory but by taking potential momentum swings in to account we can gain a notable edge when it comes to betting.


Successful handicappers will play close attention to the Zig-Zag theory in both sports because the numbers support the idea that a team that is down in a best-of-7 series is that much more likely to bounce back in a close matchup. While it doesn’t make sense to take the theory in to account in lopsided series’, it is definitely something to consider when betting on a close series that could go either way. Momentum can have a major impact on the outcome of an NBA or NHL playoff series so make sure to take the Zig-Zag theory in to account in order to gain an edge when it comes to betting on these events.

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