Sports Betting Strategy

This Is How To Be A Winning Sports Bettor

Getting to be a good online sports bettor isn’t as easy as you would think, but it isn’t as hard as you’d think, either. There are a few small tips that you can use to get your feet off the ground.

Stay Disciplined

This tip can be worded in a number of different ways: don’t get too high or too low, don’t chase bad bets, don’t chase hot bets, etc….basically, the premise is to find a system that works for you and stick with it. Pick a certain amount that you want to bet on each game, and a certain amount of games that you want to bet each day/week. Use your online betting account to help you figure out how much you should be playing and don’t go over that amount. You want to keep online sports betting fun, and losing your money quickly won’t help that. But even if you get on a hot streak, don’t change what you’re doing because a hot streak can turn cold in a hurry.

Keep Track Of How You’re Doing

And this doesn’t just mean financially, this means in terms of the sheer number of bets you’re winning and losing. This will help you finetune your researching system as maybe you’ve been looking at the wrong trends, or reinforce your belief that you’ve been looking at the right trends. You can also cut out what sports you’re doing bad on, and switch that focus over to the sports that you know the most; you’re just wasting time and brain cells betting on the stuff you don’t know.

Learn How The Sausage Is Made

Sausage? Yes, sausage. We’re just making sure you’re paying attention. Sausage equals odds in this tip as you need to learn how the odds are made by the sportsbooks and more importantly, why they’re made. You also need to learn how to figure out line moves, which is when the odds change; usually for an injury, or maybe because the sportsbooks want to bring in equal money on each side. You can learn all of this online as there are plenty of articles written about this, and you can even get insight from those that make the lines. Understanding the lines can help you figure out which ones to bet on to get the most value, which is the name of the game. Learning the ins and odds of linesmaking can really enrich your online betting experience, and it can also make you a decent profit as well.

Have Fun With It

This is easier said than done, especially if you’re on a losing streak. But that’s why you don’t bet a lot of money at the start of your online betting run because you want to keep it fun, and then you’ll get better at it as you go along. Stick to what you know, research the sports you like and keep it light and fun because when it starts becoming a chore, you should probably get out of it, much like you would with a job you didn’t like.

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