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This Is What Makes Live Sports Betting So Fun

Live betting has become extremely popular in North America and across the world over the past decade. With the majority of sportsbooks offering live betting options, more and more people are taking advantage. Live betting allows sports bettors to watch games and bet on them as they progress. With some sportsbooks offering constantly updated lines after every play it’s easy to understand why live betting can be so addictive and so profitable if you do it the right way. Here is a look at what makes live betting so fun.

Various In-Game Betting Opportunities

Live betting is also referred to as “in-game” betting since the player is actually betting on the game in progress. In football, you usually can’t bet on a game after kickoff until halftime. However, some sportsbooks do offer updated odds after every play. The best sportsbooks for live betting offer odds on how every possession will play out with odds changing after every play. Their members can bet on whether the possession will end in a touchdown, field goal, punt or turnover. Football is the most popular sport to bet on in North America and this type of access makes it that much more fun. Some sportsbooks also offer prop bets that are available in game, which allows players to bet on whether they think a specific player will score a touchdown or record a certain amount of yards on a given possession. With so many different types of in-game wagers available, it’s easy to understand why the hardcore fan or the professional handicapper loves the ability to bet on live sporting events.

Predicting Momentum Swings

How many times have you locked in a wager before the game and noticed an exact point in which the momentum of the game swings against you? For example, you bet on the Toronto Maple Leafs to beat the Boston Bruins straight up in an NHL regular season game. Then five minutes in their starting goaltender is hurt and you realize their odds of winning the game are much lower with their backup netminder in. How great would it be to in-game the Bruins to win and cover your potential losses on the initial Toronto bet? Well, with live betting on hockey you could. Live betting also allows you to make these types of adjustments with NFL, NBA and MLB games as long as the sportsbook you are using allows it. With so many of the top sportsbooks allowing their members to bet on live games you definitely want to sign up with one of those books. The ability to watch a game and not just recognize momentum swings but hedge your wagers based on them is an important tool that you will want in your arsenal.


Not every casual sports bettor has taken advantage of the live sports betting options. However, professional handicappers have done an excellent job using the tool to their advantage to build up their profit margins. As more casual fans continue to get exposed to in-game betting, it will continue to grow in popularity. There are plenty of reasons why live betting is so much fun. If you haven’t considered it yet, then you might want to try your hand at live sports betting in the very near future.

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