Sports Betting Strategy

What Is A Football Parlay Card?

Although baseball is America’s pastime, football is America’s sport, by far the most watched sport. When it comes to betting on football, football parlay cards are ingrained in the lives of millions of American football fans. No matter where you are, there’s always a chance that some talk will into the topic of football. One extremely popular topic is football parlay cards. In sports betting, a parlay is a type of wager where multiple teams are selected to win. However, the catch is that in order for your parlay bet to win, every single team selected to win must win – if one team loses, you lose your parlay bet. The fun in parlays is that the more teams added to the parlay card, the higher the potential payout. The decimal odds for each team selected to win are multiplied with one another, with the potential payouts ballooning to insane figures – that’s if you’re able to hit your parlay. This is one of the truest examples of high risk, high reward.

Betting On The Point Spread For Football Parlay Cards

Since the average odds on point spreads are -110, or 1.91, which implies that the odds of each team winning is essentially 50/50, many football fans tend to pick multiple teams to cover on the point spread and add these teams to their parlay card. For a two-team parlay, the potential payout is +264 or 3.64; for a three-team parlay, the potential payout is +596 or 6.96. You can clearly see that the more teams added to the parlay card, the higher the potential payout. For an eight-team parlay, the potential payout is 175:1 – this means that if you had wagered $10 on the parlay, you could win $1,750. For a ten-team parlay, the potential payout is 642:1. I think you get the idea.

Betting On The Over/Under Game Totals For Football Parlay Cards

Similar to the point spread, the odds for over/under game totals are also typically set at -110, or 1.91. Some individuals prefer the strategy of combining the point spreads with over/under game totals on parlay cards since if, for example, the favorite is able to cover their point spread, it also makes it more likely that the game total will result in the over. Sometimes, parlaying the point spread and over/under game total (two total events on the parlay) could be quite profitable if both events work out as expected. However, the catch is that the payout will also be much lower compared to a five-team parlay.

Betting On The Moneyline for Football Parlay Cards

When betting on the moneyline, the payouts aren’t fixed at -110. Instead, the payouts encompass a huge range – much lower for heavy favorites and could get very high for huge underdogs. Moneyline bets on parlays could consist of a lot of heavy favorites so that if you parlay them, you’ll be able to receive a much higher payout when all of these teams are combined. Similarly, for heavy underdogs, you could potentially make a lot of money with only three underdogs on your parlay. For moneyline bets, the team that you’ve picked must win the game for you to win – it doesn’t matter if they won by one or 20 points. The appeal of moneyline bets on parlay cards is its simplicity – the only thing that matters is a win, rather than how much a team has won or lost by.

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