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What You Need To Know About Pleaser Teasers

The idea of the “pleaser teaser” was first introduced more than a decade ago by the Stardust Resort & Casino in Las Vegas as the Ultimate Challenge. These tickets offered college football spreads with a minimum selection four-teamer paying 60-1 odds. To win, the player would need every team to cover the spread by 8 or more points. While ultimate challenge tickets rarely won, only sportsbooks began offering them as the pleaser teasers in recent years as a friendlier two-team, six-point format for NFL football. Here is a look at what you need to know about pleaser teasers.

The Odds

The Greek Sportsbook offers these pleaser teasers with the following odds in place:

2-Teams: +600 “ties reduce” / +550 “ties win”
3-Teams: +1750 “ties reduce” / +1550 “ties win”
4-Teams: +4800 “ties reduce” / +4100 “ties win”
5-Teams: +10500 “ties reduce” / +13000 “ties win”
6-Teams: +27000 “ties reduce” / +35000 “ties win”

This is only a small sample of the teaser odds at 5Dimes where it’s possible to please point spreads and totals in higher increments for bigger payouts. A potential pleaser teaser could look something like this: The New England Patriots at -6 and the Denver Broncos at +3 in a pleaser teaser becomes New England -12 and Denver -3. Since you have to cover additional points on the spread you actually get a higher payout using the pleaser teaser.

Understanding The Odds

When betting points spreads at -110, you need to win 52.38% of your bets to break even over the long haul. The numbers change significantly with the pleaser teaser since it is that much more difficult to win those types of wagers. If you take two teams with the pleaser teaser than your odds change from -110 to +550. It’s a lot more difficult to win the pleaser teaser but you only need one win to cover a lot of ground in terms of profit potential in comparison to a regular point spread bet. The pleaser teaser isn’t as popular as other teasers since you are actually giving up points but there are situations where it would make sense to use them if you feel confident that a line is a lot bigger than it should be for a favorite.


The pleaser teaser isn’t as popular as some other wagers because it is that much more difficult to win. However, there are instances in which it makes a lot of sense to bet the pleaser teaser if you are getting enough points on an underdog you think will keep it close. For example, if a team is listed at +14.5 and you think they can keep it within a touchdown then you can use this in a pleaser teaser and move the line to +8.5. In this situation, you are still getting 8.5 points but the value of the bet goes up big time since you are conceding six points. Pleaser teasers aren’t easy to win but in the right situation they could provide a chance to produce a big profit in one shot.

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