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What You Should Know About Exotic Bets

Exotic bets, more commonly referred to as proposition bets (props), represent bets on an event that usually does not directly affect the game’s outcome. There are countless different types of props – basically, the limit is one’s imagination. Props may include the more obvious and basic bets such as which team will score first or will a certain player score a touchdown. Other funkier and out-of-this-world props include whether a certain soccer player will headbutt another player during the game or the over/under minutes for the length of the national anthem during the Super Bowl. Here’s an overview of exotic bets, or props.

Basic Props

Basic props are bets that are very easy and simple to define and bet on. Some examples of basic props include:

Will the coin toss be heads or tails?
Which team will get the first possession of the game?
Will Russell Westbrook record a triple-double?

These props are usually offered at the more popular sportsbooks. Additionally, basic props tend to have a very short duration. Some basic props will be decided right when the game starts and the longest basic props will last no more than the duration of a game.

Intermediate Props

Intermediate props are slightly more complicated and require some thought before placing a bet. Some examples of intermediate props include:

Will Stephen Curry make more than 350 three-pointers this season?
Will the Philadelphia Phillies go on more than a six-game winning streak this season?
Will any NFL quarterback pass for over 4,800 yards this season?

Compared to basic props, intermediate props have a much longer duration attached to the bet. Because of this, individuals are usually more cautious when placing intermediate bets since their money will be locked up for a much longer period. They tend to do more analysis and research before locking in these types of bets.

Advanced Props

Advanced props are also known as specialized props. These props depend on how crazy a sportsbook wishes to get – the type and number of advanced props in a sportsbook is completely dependent on how far the imagination of the sportsbooks’ owners go. Some examples of advanced props include:

Over/under total number of fumbles
Kevin Durant number of rebounds vs. Chris Sale number of strikeouts
Tom Brady number of touchdowns thrown vs. DeMar DeRozan number of dunks

In most cases, advanced props usually come down to a matter of luck, since common types of advanced props mix two different professional leagues together. Additionally, individuals who bet on advanced props tend to place bets on a hunch based purely on intuition.


The amount of juice on props tend to be higher than usual bets, which means that the house has even more of an advantage. However, the juice on props also varies from sportsbook to sportsbook. Some places charge the usual -110 for a hypothetical 50/50 betting option whereas other sportsbooks may charge as low as -101. Typically, you can expect the amount of juice to be in the -105 to -120 range.

Value in Props

While tough to find, value does exist when it comes to prop bets. Since the number of prop bets may number in the thousands for just one sportsbook, bookmakers may not have adequate resources to adjust lines for certain props. If the line of a game has changed, the props related to the same game may not change as quickly. Due to the inefficiency of line adjustments for prop bets, savvy bettors can certainly take advantage of this with prudent monitoring and faster speed.

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