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When It Makes Sense To Buy Half Points In Football Betting

Whether you’re sports betting in Canada or anywhere else, you need to understand one of the key strategies in football betting: buying half-points. A lot of novices simply gloss over this thinking that it’s too little of an amount to matter. That’s completely wrong and here’s why:

Buying Half Points Explained

The majority of sportsbooks allow their members to buy half-points on lines at a relatively small price. A good number of those sportsbooks offer the half-points starting at just 10 cents each, which isn’t an unreasonable amount by any means. While it doesn’t always make sense to buy half-points there are definitely scenarios when it is worth it. For example, in the NFL the key numbers are 3 and 7. Consider that from 2007 through 2012, 14.8% of NFL games finished with exactly a three-point margin compared to only 9.84% of college football games. 9.8% of NFL games finished with exactly a seven-point margin while 7.42% of college football games finished with that margin. Finally, 38.8% of NFL games over that span finished with between a 3 and 7-point margin compared to just 27.1% in college football. The difference in these numbers changes the basic strategy of college football teasers in comparison with the NFL teasers. These numbers illustrate how important a half-point can be if they are between these margins and while sportsbooks will generally charge a little more when it comes to landing on key numbers it is still definitely worth the investment if you are confident the margins will end up in those areas.

The Values Of Half-Points

After breaking down the numbers it should be pretty clear how important a half-point can be in situations where the lines move from -2.5 to -3 or from -6.5 to -7. It’s important to remember that the bottom line is always winning so if you can win the wager by risking an extra 10 cents it really makes sense to do it in the right situation. For example, if you are buying a half-point in a key situation that you think will really help your chances of winning then what does it matter if the line is moved from -110 to -120? In some situations, buying a half-point can increase your probability of winning by 3% or even slightly more so why not do it if you are only risking a small amount of money more than you originally intended?


Buying half-points in football is a smart strategy that tens to be overlooked because casual handicappers don’t truly understand the value of purchasing them. Every sportsbook is different so make sure that you shop around and find the best possible value when it comes to buying points on NFL lines. Buying half-points isn’t for everyone but if you do it right then you could really improve your chances of consistently building up your NFL profits over a large span of time.

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