Sports Betting Strategy

Which Professions Can Provide A Head Start In Betting

The ability to successfully bet on sports is as much about buying in to a certain lifestyle as it is anything else. In fact, there are even certain jobs that can help provide a head start when it comes to sports betting. There are three established professions that share the attributes that are required for successfully betting on sports. If you are looking for a job that compliments or even potentially improves your sports betting potential, you might want to consider these jobs. Here is a look at three careers that could potentially provide a head start when it comes to betting on sports.

Financial Trader

Anybody that buys and sells for profit can be considered a financial trader, including to a certain extent those that are heavily involved with sports betting. Traders have a good understanding of shares, currencies, commodities and packaged goods, but most important is their strong understanding of money management. This could include anybody from a bank teller to somebody that has built up their wealth playing the stock market. There are enough similarities between the two businesses that a financial trader looking for a new asset class might even consider trying their hand at betting on sports.

Professional Gaming

Betting on sports is all about analyzing and measuring risk in a reasonable manner. That is something that professional gamers do on a consistent basis. In a more general sense, the mindset of a professional game is suited to rational decision-making under conditions of uncertainty and that is an important tool for anybody that bets on sports. With somewhere around 20 million active players involved in gaming, it seems like an obvious profession that could help provide a head start with betting on sports.

Sports Broadcasting

The sports broadcasting avenue might be the most obvious starting point for anybody that wants to bet on the sports since wagering on the games requires a strong knowledge of the actual sport. Those that spend their time doing the necessary research to write for television, radio or print can also use that same knowledge when it comes to betting on sports. Bookmakers do their absolute best to stay on top of everything and use their knowledge to make their lines but somebody involved in the sports broadcasting industry could have the knowledge to rival them.


There are a number of different professions that have notable links or comparable factors to the sports betting industry but we have narrowed down the best of them. Financial trading, professional gambling and sports broadcasting all require specific attributes that translate well to betting on sports. Each of these three career professions can provide the perfect head start to the betting industry with skills that can help cross over from one to the other. Meanwhile, aspiring bettors can also be interested in making a career change if they believe that their skills are better suited to any one of these career professions.

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