Sports Betting Strategy

Why Bet Size Is So Important To Successful Sports Betting

Even the casual sports betting fan has probably heard about the importance of money management. The majority of casual fans will focus their attention on picking winners but making correct picks isn’t nearly as important if you aren’t managing your money properly. One of the most underrated aspects of sports betting that is often overlooked is bet size, and it’s importance when it comes to consistently making a profit. Here is a look at why bet size is so important when it comes to becoming a successful sports bettor.

Flat Betting

The majority of casual fans will bet different amounts depending on their confidence in the individual wager. However, that approach simply isn’t the best when it comes to making money. By betting different amounts you put yourself in position to lose big chunks and then win smaller wagers, which could obviously put you in a position where you are losing more money than you are winning even if you are picking more winners than losers. A smart bettor will not put themselves in a situation where they are worried about potentially losing more money than they are winning on an even split of picks, which is why it makes sense to have a flat betting system. It makes sense to risk the same amount of money on every single wager to consistently build up a profit and avoid taking bigger hits than you can afford along the way with bad beats.

Unit Size

The amount of money that you invest in every single wager is very important since it should be proportionate to your bankroll and the risk that you can afford. The experienced sports handicapper will usually invest between 4-5 percent of their bankroll per unit but everybody has a different amount of money they are willing to put on the line. The conservative bettor will want to risk less of their bankroll in order to avoid taking too big of a hit while the more aggressive bettor might be willing to risk a little more. The important thing to remember is that you should establish what type of unit size you are willing to risk in order to maintain a flat betting system in which you can consistently build a profit without getting burned by a bad beat.


It really is incredible to see so many casual bettors completely ignore money management principles when it comes to betting on sports. It is absolutely clear that establishing an appropriate unit size is an important element to making a profit and yet so many people overlook this integral rule. Anybody that wants to become a successful sports bettor needs to keep these rules in mind in order to avoid making mistakes with your money. Make sure you establish a flat betting rate that is appropriate to the unit size you are willing to risk and maintain it whenever you make a wager in order to effectively build up your bankroll.

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