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Why Buying Points Can Be The Key To Sports Betting Success

The majority of sportsbooks will offer their members the opportunity to buy points on point spread wagers for football or basketball. Buying points allows you to give away less points on the favorite or add more points to the number for an underdog wager. Most books offer this option at a very reasonable price of between 10-15%, so it’s worth taking the tool in to account in order to help build up your bankroll. Here is a look at why buying points can be the key to sports betting success.

Buying Points In Football

How many weeks have you watched and NFL game that went down to the wire and often was decided on the final play? The sportsbooks do a tremendous job adjusting their lines to make sure they are as close as possible to the actual outcome of games and the fact that they are so consistently close indicates why it’s so important to buy points. This is particularly true on key numbers like 3 and 7, which are the most popular two numbers when it comes to winning margins in the NFL. If you have a spread that is at -2.5 or -6.5, then it makes that much more sense to buy the point and make the spread -3.5 or -7.5 when betting the underdog. At the same time, you will increase your chances of winning when betting a favorite at -3.5 or -7.5 if you buy the point and bring the lines down to -2.5 or -6.5. It’s extremely important to pay close attention to the key numbers when betting on the NFL and considering the very reasonable price that they are available at it makes sense to take this strategy in to account.

Buying Points in Basketball

Similar rules apply to basketball but with the numbers adjusted for a different sport. If the Golden State Warriors are listed at -8.5 to beat the Dallas Mavericks, it might not seem necessary to buy points on the spread. However, if they are listed at -10.5 in the same situation then you might consider buying a couple of points to bring the line down to -8.5. Buying points might not be as popular when it comes to basketball wagers but it could still be a very useful tool.


Before buying points on football or basketball games, it’s important to make sure that you understand the rules with the book that you are working with. There are so many options on the NFL Sunday schedule or NBA Friday schedule that you will have your choice for where the best opportunities are and where it makes the most sense to buy points in order to gain an edge. Even one-half of a point van make the difference between a win and loss when betting on football and basketball so make sure you take that in to account before you make your next sports betting wager on either sport.

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