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Why Fatigue And Travel Should Always Be Considered In Sports Betting

An important rule that any sports betting fan should always remember is that it is extremely important to pay attention to the details all of the time. This is particular true when it comes to some of the most overlooked aspects when weighing the potential outcome of any particular event. One of those aspects that is often overlooked is the impact fatigue can have on sports betting. When handicapping an event, it’s important to take in to account the amount of rest and energy a team or athlete has heading in to a game or event. Here is a look at why fatigue and travel should always be taken in to account when it comes to betting on sports.

The Impact Of Travel

The fact that professional sports teams are constantly forced to travel across the country makes the effects of fatigue that much more apparent. An NHL team that is playing four straight home games will usually be more rested and fresh than an NHL team that is travelling from the west coast to the east coast for a four-game road trip. This is particular true when it comes to games on back-to-back nights or in the case of a team travelling from one coast to another when they are bound to lose at least three hours of sleep. It’s also that much easier to recognize potential fatigue in back-to-back games than it is with teams playing three games in four nights even though it could still very well play an important role in the final game of one of those stretches.

When To Back Fatigued Teams

While it usually makes sense to bet against the teams that are battling fatigue or forced to travel, there are a couple of situations when it actually makes sense to bet on a team that is dealing with those factors. For example, a team playing for the second straight night could have an advantage over an opponent that is coming off a long layoff since they will likely not be as laid back in their approach. At the same time, there are instances where teams bond on long road trips and start playing their best together because they have been on the road for so long away from the extra pressure and media spotlight of their respective hometowns. It usually doesn’t make sense to bet on teams dealing with fatigue, but like anything else there are always certain situations where it is worth taking a shot on them.


The main thing to remember from this article is the importance of being aware of fatigue and travel and how it can factor in to the outcome of games. Whether it’s fading a specific team based on the idea that they will be tired from travel and battling fatigue or supporting a team playing on back-to-back nights since you think they will have more urgency than a team coming off a long layoff, there are always exceptions to the rules. Fatigue and travel will usually play a role in a strong number of games throughout the course of an entire season so just make sure you don’t overlook those factors.

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