Tennis Betting: Important Tips For Handicap Betting

The most obvious statistic that tennis handicap bettors use to evaluate matchups is win-loss record. After all, it’s pretty easy to see and it’s included in every single match preview. However, one of the biggest mistakes that those bettors make is that they don’t understand the important of individual player tendencies and how they impact the game/set scoring. By assessing the handicap records of the top players in the world you can gain a better understanding of what to expect in specific matchups. Here is a look at some important sports betting tips for tennis handicap lines.

The Traits & Characteristics

While the win-loss record of a tennis player indicates the success or lack of success they have had, their individual traits and characteristics provide some real insight in to their potential. For example, if a player tends to rely heavily on their big service game for success then it’s important to take that in to account for several reasons. How good of a returner is their opponent? Are they playing on a fast court that will speed up the game and make their service game that much more dangerous? Or are they playing on a slower court that will hurt their service game and negate some of their perceived advantage? Since there are so many different types of courts and each of those surfaces have their own characteristics it’s important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the individual players. The ATP, WTA and other websites do an excellent job of recording splits for each type of surface, each venue and against each opponent in order to get a better idea of how the different traits and characteristics will factor in to the outcome of specific matchups.

Surface Differences

Another important factor to take in to account is the way that each type of surface changes the way the game is played. For example, Roland Garros features clay courts on which the French Open is played. In this tournament, the court speed is a lot slower and tends to favor the most athletic players. Meanwhile, the US Open is played on a hard court surface at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. The hard surface tends to favor players with the more powerful service games. Each surface offers different characteristics that should be taken in to account when evaluating each and every tennis betting matchup.


While it’s easy to concentrate on player records and hot streaks there is a lot more that goes in to evaluating each and every matchup. These characteristics and traits for both the players and the surfaces will go a long way in to determining how each matchup will play out. All of the statistics are available online so make sure you look at key splits including performance on specific surfaces, at specific venues and against specific opponents in head-to-head matchups. By taking the necessary time to put in some research you can really improve your chances of winning the next time you bet on a tennis event.

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