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The Strategy Of Betting On Wimbledon

The following guidelines will help you win money at Wimbledon.

It’s one of the most prestigious tournaments in all of sports: Wimbledon. From the grass courts to the distinctive traditions that have been handed down over the generations (strawberries and cream), Wimbledon is a tournament unlike any other. The oldest tennis event in the world, it’s no secret that Wimbledon is one of the most popular tournaments to bet on.

From a betting perspective, there’s a clear-cut strategy to follow. Seasoned bettors likely follow all (or most) of these guidelines. However, if you’re new to it or just want to improve your handicapping, here’s how to win money betting on Wimbledon.

Examine The Draw

One of the first things that anybody betting on Wimbledon should do is closely examine the draw to see what kind of path to the finals that each player will have to get through in order to win the tournament. While the event outline is structured with player rankings, those seeds don’t always provide an accurate outlook for talent and overall potential.

Obviously, the top two seeds will be split up at opposite ends of the draw but each may have an easier or tougher path. For example, the No. 3 seed at the tournament might have a high ranking but that could be because of how they played during the clay-court part of the season. Or maybe someone has a low seed because they’re coming off an injury, but they’re a formidable opponent.

You want to take note of the draw because the path to through the tournament will be easier or more difficult for different players.

Study Current Form

Another important element to focus on is the current form of players heading in to Wimbledon. While the players have about three weeks to prepare for this tournament, there are a handful of different events that players can use as practice in order to prepare for their trip to the All England Club in London. For example, Halle and the Queen’s Club Championship.

It’s extremely important to take notes and observe which players are showing the most positive consistency in the weeks leading in up to Wimbledon. Take a look at the player’s recent history on their profile page at ESPN and you’ll get an idea. If they have suffered early exits at one or two tournaments right before Wimbledon, that’s typically a bad omen.

Know Who Plays Well On Grass

There are three different tennis surfaces that the ATP and WTA plays on throughout the year: clay, grass and hard courts. They all play differently, which means some players strengths will work better on some surfaces while their weaknesses will be exposed worse on another. Of course, some players perform well on all surfaces.

For example, fast, defensive players will perform well on clay. At the same time, big servers and big hitters big shots will be muted on clay; they’ll have a bigger on hard courts and grass. The most successful Wimbledon players tend to benefit from the speed (big servers, big hitters).

If you’re wondering who plays well on grass, just look up their history on a website like Matchstat to see.

Look Up Tournament History

In order to get a better idea of which players tend to do a better job on the grass surface, it’s important to look up tournament histories. There are plenty of different sites that track results so it shouldn’t be difficult to get a good idea of which players thrive on specific surfaces. One good option is to go to a player’s Wikipedia page and check out their history at Grand Slams. There’s always a section for just the majors and then you can quickly get a glimpse of how they’ve performed at Wimbledon in the past.

It isn’t a coincidence that the best tennis players in the world have dominated at the major tournaments over the years. When it comes to Wimbledon in particular, all you need to do is look at the list of event winners to get a better idea of what we are talking about. Consider that over the last five years, Novak Djokovic has won Wimbledon on three different occasions. If you go back even further, you’ll see that Roger Federer has won Wimbledon a record eight times over the last 16 years.

At the same time, you’ll start to see a pattern of players who fall short at the big events. On the women’s side, we’ve heard names like Caroline Wozniacki as a frequent disappointment at the All-England Lawn and Country Club. She was a world No. 1 but never delivered on the grass. On the men’s side, seeds like Kei Nishikori are always seeded high but don’t deliver.

You want to keep an eye on the historical patterns as that can give you an indication of future performance.

3 Good Sites To Use For Handicapping Tennis

There are a number of different sites that provide the perfect tools for betting on tennis events including Wimbledon. in particular provides a full list of betting odds for a variety of different tournaments, complete breakdowns and predictions, as well as cash and prize games that add to the excitement of betting on Wimbledon and other events. is an integral option that all bettors should have in their arsenal.

Tennis Insight is the perfect site for handicapping ATP and WTA events. The people behind this site provide the latest tennis match picks and predictions with tournament previews and a large online forum in which users can share their information with one another. In depth and easy to explore, should be a staple in your research process when it comes to betting on Wimbledon matches.


Tennis Explorer is an outstanding site to use for researching match histories in particular. This site provides online tennis stats for the ATP and WTA, world tennis player rankings, tennis results, forums and tennis picks. If you are looking to gain an edge when it comes to betting on tennis and Wimbledon in particular, then make sure you follow these steps and keep the most important betting tips in mind.

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