How To Win Betting On The UFC

Betting on a Saturday night UFC card can be extremely exciting from the perspective of a fan and also very profitable from the perspective of a bettor. Since the introduction of UFC, many sports bettors have found themselves to be very successful when it comes to betting on fights. However, as the UFC league is always evolving and players come and go, it’s important to keep up with the general trends. In this article, we’ll take a look at how to win when it comes to betting on the UFC.


The location that a fight is taking place is a very important factor to consider when it comes to betting on the UFC. For example, is the athlete fighting in their home country or in a hostile crowd? What’s the elevation of the city that the fight is taking place in and is the athlete used to these conditions? Since fighting in front of a home crowd can significantly boost an athlete’s adrenaline level, it seems prudent to bet on the home crowd favorite. The location of a fight should always be taken into account as it may have a positive or negative effect on the mindset of the athlete.

Full Camp Vs. Short Notice

Part of being an UFC fan is being able to keep up with the sheer volume of fights taking place. Since the training requirements for an UFC fight are extremely gruelling, it’s not too rare for an athlete to get injured before his scheduled fight. As a result, the UFC will typically attempt to find a late replacement opponent as opposed to cancelling the fight entirely. When this occurs, the replacement fighter is usually at a slight disadvantage since he will not have gone through an entire fight camp. These factors should be taken into account when betting on the UFC.

Cage Size

The square footage of the cage that the fight will be taking place in is another factor that may skew the outcome of a fight towards one athlete over the other. The smaller the cage, the more likely that the fight will end in a stoppage since both fighters are forced to engage more. The UFC utilizes two different sized cages, one being 518 square feet, while the other is 746 square feet. In a smaller cage, the underdog may have a better chance if they have knockout power. On the other hand, in a larger cage, you’d be wanting to bet on more movement oriented and rangier athletes. Additionally, stamina should be prioritized less in a smaller cage while stamina is quite important in larger cages.

Recent History

Sometimes, the best strategy is to ride the hot hand. If an athlete is on a solid winning streak with a bunch of decisive victories, this data is quite relevant to keep in mind for the athlete’s upcoming fight, regardless of his opponent. Additionally, the confidence of an athlete is of utmost importance and for an athlete who has been on a nice winning streak, it certainly helps with his confidence and knowing that he’s able to match up against any fighter in the UFC. However, one thing to take note of when it comes to the recent history of an athlete is the fact that in the amateur ranks, fighters will sometimes pad their record against other athletes who really have no business even being in the UFC in the first place.

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